Collage Art

Lexa Hale is creating award-winning photorealistic collage. Her collages come under the category of Fine Art Collage because her work, from a distance, looks like a painting, or sometimes a photograph. In actuality, it is made entirely of cut paper, usually from magazines. Lexa always portrays what she calls “magical moments” because she likes to capture sunlight, or a memory, or a meaningful encounter, or simple beauty. Her work takes countless hours to complete because as she says, “it’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle, except you have to make the pieces as you go”. She enjoys studying the detail, colors and textures of everyday things, and then recreating them with a mosaic of colorful, cut paper. Lexa also does custom work, and will do a collage from a photograph, if possible. Lexa’s work is for sale at Priory Books and Gifts
"Her attention to detail is phenomenal but for me what is even more impressive is her concept of the whole and her clear understanding of the classic principles of art, in evidence in her composition’s perfect balance." —Rosalie Nadeau

Afternoon in Tuscany

First Frost

4th of July

Laundry Day

Picking Sunflowers


Venice Click Image to Enlarge

Captain Cass

Captain Cass Click Image to Enlarge

Sail On!

Sail On! Click Image to Enlarge