Artisan, Lexa Hale, creates beautiful hand-crafted beaded jewelry, and masterful artistic collages. Her love of color, texture and detail are evidenced in her exquisite creations. Every piece of hand-made jewelry is unique. Lexa has traveled all over the world collecting beads of every size, shape and color. The beads come from cities such as Paris, Florence, Rome, Munich, Johannesburg, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Northampton.  Every necklace, bracelet and earring is a one-of-a-kind piece, which will never be duplicated. Lexa’s eye for color and her skill at choosing the perfect combination of beads, results in jewelry that can be described as simple elegance, or bold and beautiful! Lexa Hale also skillfully creates photo realistic collages. Her work is meticulously crafted, using cut paper, to capture scenes which she describes as “magical moments”. Her gift of seeing the world as a mosaic of colors and textures, enables her to  re-create a scene with mesmerizing brilliance.

"Lexa’s beautiful "painting" takes the medium, collage, to a new height as she embraces varied textures to create an intricate landscape. Her attention to detail is phenomenal..." —Rosalie Nadeau